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Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA states that it is unnecessary to clean the air duct every time you conduct maintenance. It might not be a bad idea, but it’s usually not necessary. Having said that, air duct cleaning is still useful on some occasions. It could help infestation problems regarding mice and other vermin.

Homes and working spaces require good indoor air quality. Air ducts regulate and deliver this air to every room of the building to provide a comfortable living. The problem is that these ducts become dirty over time. For this reason, cleaning them is necessary on some occasions.

Importance of cleaning air duct

Cleaning your AC or HVAC’s air duct plays a vital role in your home’s indoor air quality. Listed below are reasons you should clean your air ducts:

  1. Ensure a good air quality

The air that passes through the ducts is also the air that your family inhales on a daily basis. Allergens like pet dander and pollen can build up in ducts when left uncleaned and re-enter your living or working space through supply registers.

Generally, these particles aren’t harmful to people’s health. But, they can cause problems for those people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments. Cleaning your air ducts will improve air quality and keep it clear of airborne pollutants.

  1. Improve energy efficiency

The flow of air across the parts of your HVAC system is obstructed by dust and dirt. Your AC or furnace has to work more and use more energy to accomplish its work when the air ducts are clogged. Keeping your air ducts clean and clear of any debris will let your units operate at maximum efficiency.

  1. Protect heating and cooling system

Fouled blower wheels, clogged air conditioner coils, and other difficulties caused by a dirty ventilation system can result in pricey repairs. Cleaning the air duct of your HVAC or air conditioning system will allow you to avoid spending money on unnecessary expenses.

Issues that might arise when leaving air ducts uncleaned

Neglecting air ducts could result in simple to complex issues. It might also risk the health of those dwelling in living or working spaces. Let’s take a look at the problems that might occur when air duct cleaning is neglected:

Ducts get clogged

Dust and debris gathered in air ducts will eventually clog them. At some point, dust will stick together, accumulating within the duct and around outlets, filters, and vents. It will restrict the airflow, reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner or HVAC system.

Aside from that, it will make the machine work harder than usual. When the clog is left for a long period, it could damage the ducts altogether.

Mold build-up and spread

One of the major problems, when you let air ducts uncleaned, is mold. It is typical in insulated vents. The moisture will remain if water seeps into your vents or condensation build-up. Without regularly cleaning the air duct, moisture will produce mold and mildew over time.

However, the real issue is the distribution of air across a building or room. Air ducts infested with mold will most likely contaminate your indoor air by dispersing mold-contaminated air throughout your space. Aside from giving off an unpleasant, musty odor, it could also risk the health of those inside the building.

Below are among the common types of molds that thrive in air ducts:

  • Acremonium – Acremonium, which looks like a white powdery substance, is a mold that can release toxins. Usually, it appears in damp areas like drain pans, cooling coils, window sealants, and humidifiers. You might catch bone marrow and immune system disease if exposed to Acremonium for too long.
  • Chaetomium – The texture of Chaetomium mold is cotton-like, and at some point, its color changes. It thrives on water-damaged walls, although you can also see them in air ducts. This type of mold has a musty smell and can infect the skin.
  • Stachybotrys – Also known as black mold, Stachybotrys usually flourish in air ducts and vents. This type of mold might be easy to identify, but it is very toxic as it quickly spreads and might trigger allergic reactions. It’s critical to keep your children safe from black mold, so once you notice it, call a mold treatment expert immediately.
  • Mucor – Mucor is a potent allergic mold that could trigger difficulty breathing and asthma attacks even to a healthy person. It appears as a white or gray mold that thrives in thick spots due to humidity from condensation. Once you see signs of Mucor mold infestation in your air ducts or near your AC or HVAC system, call a professional to eliminate them right away.
  • Trichoderma – Trichoderma thrives on moist surfaces like air conditioner filters. Like Mucor, this allergic-type of mold looks like spores and is usually white with green areas. It spreads quickly and is a continual hazard in homes, especially where there is a lot of dampness.

Pests might appear

Dust and dirt, as well as moisture, provide ideal conditions for pests to breed. A number of home pests, such as crickets, cockroaches, mice, and rats, thrive in untreated air ducts. When you leave your air ducts uncleaned longer, the more probable it is that they will become home to some nasty crawlies.

Repairs will cost you money

Ignoring your air ducts will result in costly repairs. Maintaining heating and cooling will be more difficult, which will result in higher electricity bills. In the end, you’ll have to pay for more intense problem-solving services. When you keep your air duct clean, you can avoid these issues.

All things considered, it is vital to have good air quality, whether it is at home or working space. It’s important to breathe healthy indoor air for one’s health, especially since most people spend more time indoors. Air duct cleaning should be done whenever necessary since cleaning them during your regular AC or HVAC maintenance is not recommended. But once air ducts are contaminated, some professionals require cleaning the entire HVAC or AC, not just the air ducts.

Best Air Duct Cleaning Services for Customers

Best Air Duct Cleaning Services for Customers


Air duct cleaning costs range from $150 to $700. Yes, if your property is larger, has two or more air conditioning systems or ducts, or similar features, you should consider paying a bit more than the average, which often lies at $370, and perhaps less if you have a comparatively tiny house or any residence or commercial space… Read more!

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA states that it is unnecessary to clean the air duct every time you conduct maintenance. It might not be a bad idea, but it’s usually not necessary. Having said that, air duct cleaning is still useful on some occasions. It could help infestation problems regarding mice and other vermin… Read more!
Professionals recommend cleaning your air ducts every two to three years to maintain their cleanliness and avoid health problems. However, people who have allergies and other health problems should consider cleaning their air ducts frequently… Read more!
The air duct system is an essential part of every establishment, from houses to hotels and other business establishments. It works with the HVAC system providing air and proper air circulation to ensure proper ventilation. As any other system works, air ducts need to be cleaned and maintained regularly as, over time, they will be occupied by dirt build-up and moisture that would lead to mold growth… Read more!
Not hiring a professional or cleaning on your own will probably cause the air duct mess. When it comes to your family’s safety and indoor air quality, it is essential not to settle for less. It may look easy, or you might think that cleaning your air ducts alone can cause more problems and mess in the future. NADCA and EPA have guidelines and specific standards for air duct cleaning… Read more!
Yes, because it brings you more benefits such as giving you clean air to breathe, lowering the temperatures at home, and preventing mold and allergens from entering your lungs… Read more!
To start with, when it comes to the practical aspects, air duct cleaning is not a do-it-yourself project. It requires the use of cleaning equipment and specialized tools that you probably don’t have in your garage or basement, such as a high-powered vacuum, rotary brushes, and a variety of other cleaning equipment and tools. Furthermore, a poor cleaning technique may cause duct damage, necessitating costly repairs – a nightmarish situation every individual wishes to avoid… Read more!
Since the expense is a big factor in having your air ducts cleaned, you need to know how much it costs. Usually, an average cost for air duct cleaning is around $360, with an additional fee for vents over 25 feet. The price will vary depending on the company that will clean out your air ducts and how often they have performed such a service before… Read more!

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends air duct cleaning every 3 to 5 years as a general guideline. One can extend the cleaning guideline from 6 to 8 years using particular procedures. You can extend the duration between expert cleanings if your system is well-maintained and your filters are exchanged twice a year. If your system hasn’t been cleaned in more than three years and has been active on your property, it’s probably time… Read more!

Although you can’t see the air pollutants around your home circulating, undeniably, you can always feel it. This case is common when your air duct system was left untouched or uninspected for quite some time in a year. You’ll notice that breathing may be as difficult as normal it should be – especially for your elderly and sick family members. Maybe it’s time now to check what air duct cleaning could mean for you… Read more!

Cleaning every 3 to 5 years can help homeowners from many problems. Having proper air duct cleaning can result in a huge amount of dust being pushed out from your HVAC system. If you notice your place getting too dusty quickly or more often, and it’s been a long time since you had your air duct cleaned, this could be a great solution. If one of your family members suffers from allergies, calling the professionals for proper air duct cleaning can relieve the severity of their symptoms. When a person comes from the outside, they bring dust, allergens, and harmful particles into your air ducts and circulate your home through the HVAC system… Read more!
Cleaning the air duct is a thorough process of eliminating all the dust, debris, and mold build-up in your duct system to ensure a clean and healthy environment at home. Expert technicians have determined that it would take three to five hours to finish cleaning the air duct system, including the return side, supply side, blower compartment, blower wheel, and the return drop.

However, the specific amount of time it would take to finish the cleaning depends on the size of your HVAC system and the cleaning service provider’s processes. Do not believe other companies when they say that air duct cleaning requires a short time. This would only mean that they do not have a comprehensive process of cleaning your HVAC system… Read more!

Cleaning your air ducts can give you a lot of benefits that you can enjoy. Aside from cleaner air, clean air ducts can help lower the temperature and increase the overall efficiency of your air conditioning units without hiking up the power rates. Thus, it is always important to have your air ducts cleaned at all costs.

There are a lot of companies boasting that their methods are the best in air duct cleaning, but for newbies, it can get confusing. Let this article guide you on everything you need to know about the best air duct cleaning methods around, including their pros and cons, and why you should choose it among the rest… Read more!

Cleaning your home’s air duct is not a waste of money. It will require a decent amount, but the benefits outweigh the price. Having clean air ducts is important to keep the good air quality and avoid high repair costs of your duct system. The golden rule in duct cleaning is to have your ducts inspected before you decide to have them cleaned. If you do this, all the money you spend will be worth it.

I suppose you are here because you might be hesitant to do this, thinking it will mean more expenses. Of course, this is normal because you will get skeptical, especially if it involves money. However, knowing how much to spend through this article will help you determine if you are wasting your hard-earned money… Read more!

The air moving through the air ducts of your air conditioning unit is likewise the air that fills your living or working space. It is the same air that you breathe and those people in the room. For this reason, it is necessary to keep them clean and clear from contaminants.

Good indoor quality is a must for working spaces and homes. Meanwhile, the air travels across rooms through the air ducts to make the air comfortable. But as time passes, these ducts accumulate dirt. So, they need cleaning from time to time… Read more!

Air ducts are important to home or building components to maintain good ventilation. Cleaning them is a thorough process that follows a systematic approach to ensure it ends well as new. Air duct cleaning services start with an inspection before the actual cleaning process. Removing the dust and cleaning other components follow using vacuum and brush. Some cleaning services add microbial spray to remove odor, kill bacteria in your air ducts, and seal the ducts as the final touch… Read more!

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